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21岁的凯伦·斯基特(Keren Skeete ' 21)解释了她和同学们是如何组织今年秋季的重磅艺术展览的

凯伦·斯基特' 21

10月21日, the Gallery/Arts Administration Class hosted a pop-up artist show — the first immersive event for our community on campus since we returned due to COVID-19. 亚美am8节目的标题是 罕见的血统.

把这个节目组织起来, 亚美am8从学习策划的基本知识开始, 它的意义, 和目的. 亚美am8的老师, 艾莉斯潘格勒, 向亚美am8介绍了了不起的演讲嘉宾,他们分享了他们在这个领域的个人经验, 基本技巧, 一路上的技巧帮助节目展现出它真正的潜力.

We created a show to highlight artists of color: those who represent marginalized communities and share an aspect of the curator’s identity. 亚美am8很高兴通过亚美am8的艺术家来庆祝亚美am8身份的不同方面. We unveiled their stories by presenting their distinctive and innovative work that represents the exploration of their identities.

作为一个整体, 亚美am8的目标是让亚美am8的观众与通过种族表现出来的身份联系起来, 性取向, 性别, 年龄, 宗教, 社会经济地位, 和更多的. 这次活动也包括了各种各样的媒介, 包括绘画, 摄影, 蛋糕装饰, 和电影.

为了表演, we divided the work to be able to express our individuality — while remaining connected as a group to maintain a common ground and remain committed to our mission. 在制作这个展览的过程中,我最喜欢的部分是与艺术家们联系, 要求能说明亚美am8的目标和反映亚美am8使命的工作, 与亚美am8的艺术家建立关系, 接受工作, 并布置出最能展示他们作品的艺术品.

* * *

往下读,看看每位艺术家的作品, 还有挑选每位艺术家的学生策展人的声明.


别忘了 看看Spotify的播放列表,由亚美am8的学生策划,在你阅读艺术的同时听它.

Shairai Richards,馆长

馆长的声明: 伊曼纽尔·布朗是一名18岁的非裔美国男性摄影师,居住在伯克郡. He started creating work at 15 during an important part of his life; when he started understanding the importance of race and his community. 摄影帮助他缓解了那段时间的精神压力. 艾曼纽受到电影、黑人导演和黑人青年的影响. 和伊曼纽尔一起, 我认为承认和支持黑人艺术家和黑人青年的作品是非常重要的. Emanuel explains that many times the black voice is misinterpreted in social media and art and he wants to change that narrative and create work through our perspective. I chose to highlight him because he uses photos to represent how he is feeling about issues that the black community is facing. 这些作品非常有力,分享了伊曼纽尔捕捉到的许多故事. 我希望这些照片能让你和我一样产生共鸣, 我问你,当你欣赏这些作品的时候,想想这些图像所讲述的故事.


馆长的声明: I chose Grayson to be my artist because I love how their artwork is simple but makes me feel represented and celebrated. 他们的艺术作品有一个清晰的愿景,就是让人们意识到身份、社会和政治活动. 他们的工作集中在线上, 形状和颜色, 但他们并不害怕尝试不同的形式和媒介. 我能看到他们对代表和保证每个人都有归属感的热情.

杰斯X. 雪,艺术家

馆长的声明: I chose Jess to showcase their artwork because I loved how the painting made me feel like I was appreciating people who need to be appreciated while also understanding the trauma and oppression the groups had been through. 当你看这个艺术品的时候, 花时间关注所有的细节,而不仅仅是主要的吸引力. 杰西是个艺术家, 同时也是电影导演, 诗人, 还有社区艺术教育家,他们的艺术作品主要讲述亚裔酷儿移民的故事.

Ben Aqua,艺术家

馆长的声明: 本是一位让我印象深刻的艺术家. 他们做摄影,拍视频,做衣服. I decided to showcase the photos because I loved how it shows that LGBTQIA+ members can look any way. 亚美am8不需要符合刻板印象,这都是内在的. 还有这个系列, Slaysians, 代表LGBTQIA+成员的亚洲人,我觉得亚美am8在主流媒体上看到的不多.

Kyla Kector,艺术家

馆长的声明: Kyla Hector是一名学生艺术家,也是我最亲密的朋友之一. 最近,她的大部分作品都是用丙烯酸颜料在画布上完成的. Kyla has been making art since the third grade and is motivated by her younger self to learn new techniques. The two paintings featured today highlight black women and I hope these paintings challenge you to think of black women in a new light.


馆长的声明: 惠特尼·凯尔西是MHS的一名学生,也是我的一个好朋友. 她在创作作品时运用了多种媒介. I chose to highlight her work because I feel that she truly embodies a well rounded artist who is not afraid to try new things. 我希望当你看到她的作品时,你能认出她的技艺和她对细节的关注.


馆长的声明: Jessica Jackson is an artist who describes her art as “portraiture but exclusively through a black lens”. She commenced her love for art at the 年龄 of four by drawing on restaurant tablecloths and offering them as “tips” to the waiters. Jessica appreciates her creative freedom at that 年龄 and maintains that mindset while creating art today. As the pieces being presented today Jessica says “I think the pieces of the astrology collection are very indicative of what my style is and it says a lot about me in its depiction of duality.”


馆长的声明: Kingsley Dzade是一位年轻而充满活力的当代加纳艺术家,出生于Volta地区的Adidome. 他是一位画家,他相信将自己的技巧转化为永恒的记忆. Kingsley’s work is a clear reflection of his society and themes run around the quest for social equality. 他擅长肖像画、静物画和风景画. 金斯利说他“有动力去描绘困扰亚美am8社会的痛苦. 我想充分利用我的艺术,造福人类.”

Alexa Meade + Jon Boogz,艺术家

馆长的声明: Alexa Meade is an artist that specializes in a style of painting that transforms the 3- dimensional world of reality into what appears to be a 2-dimensional representation of itself. 她的作品被收录在这部由Jon Boogz编剧、导演和编舞的短片中. Movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck deliver performances that speak in powerful protest to the gun violence haunting American society today. I chose this piece to shine a light on the issues happening today especially the violence against black people. 比如布伦娜·泰勒, 乔治•弗洛伊德, Elijah McClain and so many others that may not always be mentioned in the media have been taken from their families too soon. I hope this piece inspires you to be active in the BLM movement so that we can continue to fight for justice together.


馆长的声明: Dwight White is an artist who lives in Chicago and whose work is inspired by his daily interactions with everyday people and other artist’s works. 他的作品是一种自发的现实主义. I chose these pieces because I believe they are a great representation of the black voice and also give off a powerful yet raw feeling. 我希望他的作品能让你思考进化, 日益增长的, 为比自己更重要的事而战.

Kidist Mekonen Fesseha ' 22,艺术家

馆长的声明: Kidist Mekonen Fesseha是亚美am8的学生艺术家,专攻摄影, 特别是肖像. 在这些作品中, 她选择突出亚美am8学校的黑人女性,作为她黑人历史月项目的一部分. 作为一个黑人女性, 我选择这些作品是因为它们让我为自己感到骄傲, 我的文化, 我的历史. 当我看到这些照片时,“毫无歉意的黑人”这个短语就会出现在我的脑海里. I hope you can appreciate these pieces for their beauty especially from the melanin that shines through in these photos.

Jelezce Bristol,艺术家

馆长的声明: Jelezce Bristol是一位可食用艺术设计师. She works with many different forms of desserts and can transform a regular cake to an extravagant piece. 她就读于约翰逊和威尔士大学,在那里她获得了烘焙和糕点学位
艺术,以及食品服务管理. Jelezce是PurpleFizzSweets的骄傲老板,她在那里制作定制蛋糕, 以及其他形式的甜点. 我和Jelezce有个人联系,希望看到她的艺术作品得到所有人的认可. 她是一个很棒的糕点艺术家,激励我将来去烹饪学校.


馆长的声明: 维奥拉·奎尔斯是一名当地艺术家,居住在道尔顿镇. 最近,她在创作原创艺术作品的过程中发现了自己的声音. 这幅拼贴画是为了纪念她的波多黎各传统. 其中包括她祖母拍摄的幻灯片,是她在波多黎各找到的家人的照片. 她希望自己的作品传达一个亚美am8手机版移民的故事, 波多黎各的美丽, 还有她的血统故事.


馆长的声明: Linda Ripley's style of 摄影 uses juxtaposition and themes viewers may find odd or unsettling as a way to lead viewers to question their own thoughts. 她使用化妆品、服装和地点作为她艺术的关键因素. 她的艺术代表了她生活的不同部分,或者她最突出的经历. Linda has made art surrounding the topic of Covid 19 and the unsettling and unnerving feeling it left many people; she has also used art to represent the feeling of nostalgia as she explores colleges. The pieces I chose are excellent examples of how she expresses her style and identity through her work.

Hadear Rizq,艺术家

馆长的声明: Hadear blends her many talents in studio art to create pieces that never fail to catch a viewer's eyes. 作为一名艺术系学生,我和哈迪尔一起工作了两年, I have been able to understand and view her artistic process; I have seen her create extremely realistic pieces spanning from still life to portraits. 哈迪尔最大的灵感之一是摩洛哥艺术家Chaibia Talal. 哈迪尔说:“她教我要真实,要在画布上展示我的本色.” The pieces chosen really represent how Hadear views her own identity when translating herself to art.